the next phase
in the evolution
of humanity...

moving beyond separation consciousness

There is a massive shift occurring on the planet at this time, and every one of us is affected by it. 

The good news is that we can actively participate in its unfolding and take the reigns on our own experience.

what is going on?

There's what many refer to as an "Awakening" occurring on the planet right now.

Although many aspects of our world appear to be reaching crisis point - pollution, chronic illness, violence, corruption, there is more transparency than ever before.

The intensity of the pain many of us are experiencing is jolting us to find and own our power.

As we start to move beyond blame and finger pointing, bringing focus back to ourselves and what we can control - we begin to soften to realising the depth of our interconnectedness with each other and all things.

And this process is leading us towards the fusion of polarity within our hearts - integrating all aspects of ourselves - the earthly and cosmic, human and divine, masculine and feminine, good and bad, light and dark.

As this inner merging occurs, resistance in all its forms begin to subside and we increasingly embody a space of allowance for everything as it is.

In this experience of profound presence - we find peace, we relax, and in so doing we become clearer in our intentions, more receptive to higher awareness and more deliberate in our actions and creations.

We also begin to move beyond the limitations of human functioning we formerly accepted as real and true - and open to capacities that defy logic such as telepathy, shapeshifting, translocation to name but a few.

We are starting to realise more of what we are and what it means to be alive, participating in this experience.

How does this affect us?

The process can be a chaotic and confusing at times as we live through the death of an old version of who we believed we were, and what we believed life was.

Just like a baby moving through the birth canal there can be intense contraction as old models of reality crumble, followed by relief and expansion as a new model rebuilds.

We increasingly realise how fluid and dynamic we are, and how multi-dimensional this experience truly is.

It can be painful as the former structures we once held dear are rocked, but it serves to create space for completely new ways of living and expressing.

Our attachment to the old concrete definitions of ourselves and life dwindle, and we embrace ambiguity.

And in a practical way, what this ultimately boils down to is - MORE CHOICE - moment to moment,  as we come off auto-pilot and consciously co-create our reality.

We are realising that we are whatever we choose to be and life is whatever we choose to make of it, and we continue to stretch the boundaries of what's possible through our power to dream and imagination.

How can ENERGY WORK facilitate the process?

Spiritual healing, energy therapy, integrative counselling, holistic facilitation - all of these terms really address the same thing - anchoring into an experience of greater presence, clear intent & heightened self-awareness.

A person who is practiced at embodying expanded states of consciousness can energetically bring others into resonance with them through the power of their intention - just like tuning forks synching with each other!

And so people who find it difficult to access higher states of consciousness on their own, for whatever reason - being unfamiliar with how it feels, not knowing what to do or how to do it, having a busy mind, feeling stressed, triggered by intense life circumstances, chemical effects that make it more difficult, or simply having no faith in it.. can be guided there. 

The process is natural, non-invasive and can be really, really fast - in fact, instant! Because the thing is many people mistakingly believe enlightenment is a process - but it's not!

Enlightenment is a choice. It is available to every one of us 24/7. The process part is the ongoing willingness to choose it, practice at embodying it and living from that space.

And so, in a holistic therapy session, both hearts and minds synch with each other, unconscious energetic blocks can dissipate and awareness can arise to facilitate the recipient in coming into deep connection with themselves, accessing expanded states.

WHAt to expect in a session?

As there is no separation between the physical, mental, emotional/ energetic levels - the experience of integrating with oneself can have a ripple effect through all layers of our experience.

While overall the process of facilitation is deeply relaxing, sensations may arise in the body quite out of the blue - breeze on the skin, warmth and lightness in the muscles, goosebumps, chills, intensities, yawning, tears etc.. 

Strong emotions, vivid memories and visions can also arise - but no matter what unfolds, the key is always to have allowance, not to resist what comes up and to allow it to pass.

It is always making space to settle into that sense of stillness, calm and ease within - and to enable the experience of lightness, flow and relief that more expanded states of being bring.

After a session the after effects may vary - but most often people report feeling much lighter, more spacious, unburdened and relieved - clearer in head and heart, calm and energised.

The greatest gift of this work is the space it provides, as you begin to see yourself more - to observe your thoughts and patterns, to be more attentive to interactions and moment to moment states.

And this space and ability to see oneself allows the room for new choices to be made - and new choices lead to new experiences and expansion :)