This is just a quick post for anyone who hasn't a balls what I'm on about when I refer to conscious living. If you already have a fair grip on...

This is just a quick post for anyone who hasn't a balls what I'm on about when I refer to conscious living.

If you already have a fair grip on consciousness then you might want to skip this one.

Nothing new to find out here!

Unless you're curious to just see my take on it, if so - read on.

Ok, so what's the craic with conscious living?

Well, it's a funny one.

I used to have so many ideas about what it meant.

I associated it with being hyper-ethical and involving mass consumption of organic vegetables, combined with vigorous yoga.

The eco warrior, commune dwelling, spiritual healing type.

If your name was indian or deity-related then I thought you were the super conscious bomb!

Growing up in Ireland, indoctrinated into catholicism, raised on meat and spuds - I thought there wasn't a hope for me.

If I was ever going to live consciously, it would mean abandoning life as I knew it, moving to a commune in France.

When I mentioned the idea to my parents they nearly choked, immediately freaking out at the thoughts of orgies!

There's another cliche association for you - sexual liberation.

They'd nothing to fear though, the commune thing didn't happen.

But more awareness about conscious living organically unfolded for me, as life lead me on this journey of deeper self-discovery.

As tends to happen!

I've since come to realise that conscious living is NOT about lifestyle choice.

It's actually just a state of being.

Totally accessible to everyone, in every moment.

So what's this state of being like then?

Well, each one of us, is a separate, unique, individual.


We are also made of this mysterious, intelligent, spacious, non-physical essence of everything.

God, Chi, Prana, Spirit, Higher Self, Source, it goes by many different names - so whatever you might call it.

So we are both these things.

And conscious living is functioning harmoniously as BOTH of these dimensions of ourselves at the same time.

Being the unique individual we each are AND aware we are the whole of everything.

We are both separate and unified, simultaneously.

Being eternal and finite, at the same time.

And how does this practically impact how we live?

Well, when we live as though we're separate from everything and each other, we have this contracted, limited perception of reality.

We experience the world through our personal lens.

We've our own personal version of what is true about life.

We base this primarily on our experiences, and what we've been conditioned to believe.

This is a very restrictive way to function in life - often leads to competition and survival orientated thinking.

It blinkers us into railroaded patterns of behaviour, and polarity thinking - navigating life based on the judgements of what we think is right or wrong.

Which in turn can lead to high stress and burn out.

But what happen's when we live consciously?

Well when we tap into this other dimension of ourselves, we have instant access to a more expansive, all encompassing perception of reality - a broader, universal truth.

We become unbridled by the constraints of linear thinking.

Through it, we have a deep sense of connection to all things, and it develops a mindset of collaboration and thriving.

We create through focused intention and receiving awareness - rather than through force, effort, and coercion.

Life develops a more effortless quality to it.

Necessity diminishes, and you realise you've more choice available in your life.

Things lighten up - alot!

So that's just a very brief introduction to it, just to give you a feel for what it's about.

If you're interested to find out more, I've created a free intro class to explain it all in much greater depth.

In it I tell a few stories and share some of my experiences, so it's more relatable to real life - check it out.

With love,

Sarah Xx



  1. Victoria Clarke

    September 12

    I love your posts! They are fresh and funny and honest and earthy and they make TOTAL SENSE!!! aLSO i love that they are so straightforward no bullshit no flowery nonsense no long boring new age language just a real, immediate meaningful piece of wisdom, straight up no shaker1


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