Sometimes it can be difficult to access higher states of consciousness alone – chronic overthinking, hyperactivity, chemical influences, intense or traumatic life circumstances, illness, deeply grooved habits – they can all play their part in hijacking our capacity to tune into expanded dimensions of ourselves – even when we know only too well that the inner sanctuary is there, ready and waiting for us.

Although the pace and pressure of modern life fuels this sense of disconnection, we don’t have to be at the mercy of it – when we take time out to drop within, we realise that so often the very things we’re so busy chasing are right there inside us. Not just conceptually – but in a way that can be really felt and experienced. Love, worth, security, insight – all available on tap. 

We also realise that many of the things we’re fighting against and trying to fix in our external experience can be resolved through subtle internal shifts and a slight reorientation of focus.

Knowing the truth of this changes everything. It brings relief, clarity, space and a far greater sense of empowerment.

While groups serve as a powerful container to support this process – sometimes more individualised support is preferable. 

Personal sessions offer a space to receive one-to-one support and clear anything that’s unconsciously standing in the way of choosing this level of self-connection at will. It includes a vital integration component to support living effortlessly from this self-attuned space in our day to day lives.



Each session is unique and will be influenced by where you are currently at in your own evolutionary journey, as well as what you want to gain from the session.

Some people drop into presence very fast, so the focus may be more on integration and gaining insight around specific topics. 

For others who are less practiced in self-connection, it can take more time to access expanded states of consciousness – and so a greater length of time will be given to priming oneself for expansion.

Quite often it’s a mix of both – however we won’t know until it unfolds, as the process is always organic and intuitively directed.

However to give you a rough guideline of what can happen – we work through layers, relaxing the body with guided visualisation, breath work, or other presence practices – we then hone in on any dominant limiting narratives or looping belief patterns. Using different energetic techniques we dissipate blocks and facilitate emotional release if it’s required, before dropping into deeper awareness to receive whatever insight can assist you in meeting your current experience with more ease and grace.

Sessions may include elements of mentoring, coaching, energy therapy and meditative practices – whatever is required to prime you to receive the greatest shift you’re ready and willing to experience.

We merge the mystical and the rational, the ethereal and practical – which, after abandoning both at different points during my own process, I’ve discovered don’t have to be mutually exclusive – in fact they’re much stronger together! 

This is all about guiding you to acknowledge your power to create change in your life and expanding your current breadth of both expression, and experience.


When someone is practiced at embodying expanded states of consciousness they can energetically bring others into resonance with them through the power of attuned intention and focus.

People who find it difficult to access higher states of consciousness on their own can more easily experience these expanded states when another person present is doing so – similar to how striking one tuning fork can cause another of the same frequency to begin vibrating.

It’s my experience that beyond the various techniques involved in different energy healing modalities – ultimately presence is key.

After over a decade of intensive meditative practices and training in several energy therapies, I’ve developed very strong intuition and heightened perception of subtle energy bodies – enabling me to energetically ‘read’ physical, mental, and emotional bodies quite fluently when I’m embodying a more expanded receptive state of being.

And so drawing on this capacity, I identify where blocks may be and unravel them, dissipating any congestion to allow for a more free flowing connection with life force energy and higher intelligence – thus guiding the experience higher states of consciousness until it can be more easily attained by the individual on their own. 


We will always begin with conversation and clarifying the purpose and intention of the session. Typically this will be followed by a personal message and guidance for the direction of the session.

Once facilitation starts it tends to be progressively relaxing as the body begins to integrate more light.

However during the process certain things may be triggered or come to the surface as we move through different layers.

Sensations can arise in the body quite out of the blue – cool or warm breezes on the skin, goosebumps, warmth and lightness in the muscles, chills, intensities, yawning, watering eyes etc.. often these lend insight or offer some valuable information relevant to the topic of the session.

Strong emotions can arise and cathartic releases can occur, vivid memories and visions can also appear – again, generally giving some information or insight around issues. 

In particularly deep sessions it’s not uncommon to drift in and out of a deep ‘energetic sleep’ at certain points – similar to the ancient practice of yoga nidra. 

No matter what unfolds, the key is always to have allowance for what is moving through, and not to resist what comes up – this helps it to pass more smoothly, and receive greater benefit from the session.

At the end of the process we reflect on everything that unfolded and integrate the main points.

Afterwards people most often report feeling much much lighter, more spacious and relieved – clearer in head and heart, calmer and more energised. Sometimes rest is necessary afterwards, other times there can be an energetic high – it varies from individual to individual and is determined by what unfolded in the session.

Ultimately the greatest gift of this work is the space it provides, as you begin to see yourself more – to observe your thoughts and patterns, to be more attentive to interactions and moment to moment states. This ability to see oneself allows the room for new choices to be made – and new choices lead to new experiences, consciously co-creating your experience.


This work is all about strengthening connection to an inner wisdom and lightness of being that enables you to naturally embrace  life as it is, whatever may come, AND at the same time, deliberately create more of what we’d prefer to experience.

For a long time I thought this work eventually lead to a life free of pain, but that’s not the case – instead it equips us to meet pain differently and that is powerfully transformative. It also equips us to approach creation differently – so we can increasingly play with the fabric of reality and create miracles. Mind over matter just like the ancient references to yogic siddhis.

However, evolving can be an uncomfortable path at times as we stretch and grow beyond what is familiar and known.

Choosing to purposefully expand consciousness is paralleled by dissolving old ideas of self, and the nature of reality as we once knew it can radically alter – as we expand into broader dimensions of both expression and experience.

However it’s so, so worth it – the level of liberation and empowerment we experience as a result isn’t accessible any other way I know of.. and it makes life so much more interesting.

And so I’m not here to fix or heal, nor do I ever promise any specific outcome – but I offer my presence as a companion, and  wholeheartedly commit to contributing everything I can during our shared time together to support you in opening doors within, that may just lead straight to exactly what you’re looking for.


I will work with anyone who is ready to take responsibility for themselves and the co-creation of their lives.

Anyone who is willing to acknowledge themselves as the source of change, and simply require some support and facilitation.

I’m here to invite you to choose beyond old limitations – to overcome current challenges by tapping into your own resourcefulness, genius and power.

If you’re looking for a partner at this part of your evolutionary journey, then I’m here for you.

I’ve worked with all sorts of people of the years who are at vastly different levels of awareness – actors, comedians, writers, entrepreneurs, elite professionals, therapists and healers.

Whether you’re a creative, dreamer, seeker, explorer, pioneer or revolutionary – if you’re looking for this level of support, I’m here for you.

You can try a once off group session or workshop, or if you prefer individualised support contact me directly to book a personal session.



Sessions are available both in person and online.

Remote sessions are facilitated using Skype, Zoom, Messenger or WhatsApp.

In-person sessions are currently available in Dublin and Co. Laois, Ireland.

When we connect we’ll discuss the best option.


Standard 90 minute session  €150

Follow-up 60 minute session €100

3 Month, 6 Month and 12 Month Packages are available on request.



Please read booking policy here before proceeding to payment.

Personal Session (90 mins)

Personal Session Follow-Up (60 mins)

Once payment has been received you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule appointment.



On booking you will receive an email with a video to watch before our session – this is compulsory viewing. It will brief you on how best to prepare, recap on what you can expect, and give you tips on how to get the most from our time together.


After booking you will also receive a link to the availability calendar to schedule your session time. Appointments 9am to 3pm GMT, Monday to Friday

If you need a time slot outside of these hours we can make an arrangement that suits us both.

If you must cancel an appointment for any reason, please let me know at least 48 hours (2 days) in advance.

This time is being held for you – so missed appointments and late cancellations will not be rescheduled or refunded. 

Your purchase of a personal session is non-refundable, you are paying for our time together – so please make sure I’m the right fit for you before proceeding with your booking.

If you have any questions about this please email me :





I’ve been having sessions with Sarah for nearly four years and I can honestly say it’s been a serious game changer for my mental health. Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball, or be overwhelming, and Sarah is amazing at helping you to clear your mind and remove any holds or negative mindsets you might have. She creates a super relaxing and transformative environment and talks you through the process each step of the way. As someone who was initially skeptical about alternative healing I can honestly say that these sessions have helped immensely over the years.

Jake Unsworth


Sarah is a beautiful, powerful, magical light worker and I would THOROUGHLY recommend her to anyone who knows that the life that they dream of creating is available to them, and that the only thing that stops them from experiencing it is their own sense of separation from the Universe. She cuts through all the bullshit of limiting beliefs, having first of all shone a big torch on what they are and how they are affecting you. Magical!!!

Victoria Mary Clarke

Journalist, Coach

Sarah is one of the most unique facilitators out there. She brings a mix of lightness, truth and expansion that has changed my life! While working with her I always feel I’m in such good hands… And there are dramatic shifts afterwards. I often hear her words in my head between sessions, which always guide me back to my inner compass. I feel very lucky to have her as my coach.

Danika Geyer

Holistic Therapist