The power of group work is profound – when I participated in my first group session back in 2010 it blew my mind entirely – in the best possible way!

The collective field of intention serves as a very powerful container for accelerated transformation and conscious evolution to occur.

The benefits of group meditation are well established – participants energetically support one another to experience deeper states of presence. Group facilitation has the added benefit of supporting each other to access new insights and experience revelations.

Participants often serve as mirrors for one another. Some will ask questions that others may be afraid to ask – more vocal members of a group can indirectly give quieter participants a voice. In my experience it’s never a coincidence who shows up in the space together – and so for this reason, it’s very important to trust if you feel a strong pull towards a certain group, even if you don’t know why.

Sessions generally address a specific theme or have a set purpose – some are geared towards ‘problem resolution’ and others are more expansive and exploratory. What you’re drawn to will also depend upon where you are in your own evolutionary journey.

If you’re entirely new to this type of work, groups can be a great place to start to get a feel for what’s involved, and to experience the support of others in a safe space. Most sessions are both guided and interactive, however it’s always at each individual’s discretion whether they choose to actively partake or just kick back, listen and receive. 





You’re welcome to join the EVOLUTION OF BEING facebook group to get access to both free and pay-as-you-go online group sessions, as well as information on the latest group programs.

Live sessions are facilitated via Zoom, an interactive platform – and they generally last for 60 minutes. It’s optional to use your mic and camera – as always, it’s at each individual’s discretion to actively participate or just relax and tune in.



Casual facilitation is great for an instant lift around a specific topic or issue – however, sometimes it can take time to integrate the shifts you experience, or there can be more layers to unravel in order to sustain enduring change.

Ongoing support can be really helpful to steadily guide your process. Group programs run for varying lengths of time – from deeply immersive programmes for intensive boosts – to sessions scheduled weekly or monthly over a set period.



This session is ideal for people who are relatively new to different forms of meditation or energy therapy.

The primary focus is to guide a gentle experience of expanded states of consciousness and clear anything that may be unconsciously standing in the way of dropping into a deeper state of presence with more ease.

This session is ideal for people who find it especially difficult to switch off and relax on their own terms – and might struggle to calm the body and mind. It’s also suitable for those who are curious to deepen their own practice.



We cover a range of topics from finances to relationships, health to parenting – and gain insight around present circumstances, and how to best meet them with more grace and ease.

Generally the majority of these sessions are interactive, dynamic and conversational. Participants are guided through a brief introspective process to access their own intuitive awareness around the issue at hand and then receive individualised facilitation.

The space provides support to access the expanded perspective – to relieve tension and restore a greater sense of clarity and self-confidence.



These more advanced sessions are suitable for regular meditators or people who are more accustomed to resting in presence and awareness.

The intention is to facilitate both exploration and integration. As we access more of ourselves and expand our world view, we develop new capacities and abilities – these sessions assist in integrating new aspects and dimensions of self into our waking life.

This space is ideal for creatives, artists, entrepreneurs and innovators of any kind to gain more perspective and broaden their channels of inspiration.



Festivals and partying hard tend to go hand and hand. This workshop offers an alternative to getting wrecked – guiding participants to tap into the loved-up festival vibes without having to ingest a thing. Feel the party buzz while also being kind to yourself and your body.


The dreaded “Fear” is the bane of so many festival lovers life. This workshop aims to lighten up the toxic load of the afterparty hangover through guided relaxation and energy clearing processes to support the body’s own natural recovery mechanisms.