free workshop & guided process

changing our perception of addiction 

During THIS free intensive Workshop we will:

  • 1
    Examine 6 Widely Held Beliefs About Addiction
  • 2
    Address 3 Ways These Unconsciously Impact the Speed & Ease of Recovery
  • 3
    Explore the Potential to Accelerate True Recovery, Beyond Behaviour Management 
  • 4
    Consider 3 Key Components to Sustain Change Within This Context
  • 5
    Discover the Quickest, Most Healthy and Natural Way to Experience the First Of These
  • 6
    Put it to the Test! Follow a 30min Guided Process to See if You Can Experience Instant Relief from Suffering and Gain Clarity Around Current Challenges


Sarah Keane

Energy Therapist

& Holistic Facilitator

This session explores an expanded perspective on the topic of Addiction beyond the current mainstream view, and then guides you in a process to experience the benefits of this shift in perception.

Drawing on 12 years immersed in learning about higher consciousness and the nature of reality, and over 8 years practicing as a holistic therapist, Sarah shares valuable insights to explain how instant and lasting behaviour change is a very real potential.

Join this unique workshop to discover a powerful way to create an immediate shift in your relationship with yourself and any form of Addiction.

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