Even though presence is instantly attainable, it can take guidance and practice to experience it.


Equally it can require support and persistence to direct our attention towards preferred experiences.


And it can take time to to develop real trust in our own intuition.


Personal sessions provide a unique space for you to experience all of these things in a way that's easy and enjoyable as possible for you.


Together we address your specific challenges, and we gain the insight you require to create the changes you desire.





Danika Geyer, Holistic Therapist & Spiritual Healer.

"Sarah is one of the most unique facilitators out there. She brings a mix of lightness, truth and expansion that has changed my life! While working with her I always feel I'm in such good hands... And there are dramatic shifts afterwards. I often hear her words in my head between sessions, which always guide me back to my inner compass. I feel very lucky to have her as my coach"






Victoria Mary Clarke, Journalist & Media Coach.

"Sarah is a beautiful, powerful, magical light worker and I would THOROUGHLY recommend her to anyone who knows that the life that they dream of creating is available to them, and that the only thing that stops them from experiencing it is their own sense of separation from the Universe. She cuts through all the bullshit of limiting beliefs, having first of all shone a big torch on what they are and how they are affecting you."





Marie Bradley, Bodywork Therapist & Health Foods.

"In this world we can get so smothered in the heavy stuff which clouds our authentic selves and our vision. Sarah is a pure beam of wisdom who carries a wonderful air of truth, fun and vulnerability. She makes the complicated simple and digestible. Everyone she facilitates is honoured with no judgement or impatience.Each time I tune into her online sessions I get charged with the awareness of how truly powerful we are, and I've had some amazing life changing experiences.She is a true gift."





Jake Unsworth, Actor & Entrepreneur.

"I was skeptical because I'm totally new to this stuff, but I can't argue with the results - I just feel so much more positive and lighter since our session, things that bothered me before just don't. It's great, honestly, try it out - you won't regret it."






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