So I’m delighted you’ve landed here, it’s great to connect with you.

I’d like to welcome you to this site that has actually been years in the making!

Hard to believe, I know.

But it was not down to the content, or the web design…

It was actually just getting clear on the purpose of this site, and the function it could best serve that took so long.

Plus building up the confidence to do this work, and speak openly about my experiences was a big factor too.

Like so many people, I’ve been on a pretty massive journey of self discovery over the last decade – much and all as it pains me to dish out such a cliche.

But really, ‘journey’ fits.

The whole process of realising there’s so much more to us than our bodies, personalities, roles – well, its pretty huge.

AND then that whole figuring out that life works VERY differently to how we were indoctrinated and conditioned to believe it does thing, well, that’s another whopper to get your head around.

SO yeah, for me anyway it certainly was a journey, and a long aul road at that.

I felt more than a little lost along the way.

But steadily now as I anchor more into this whole new way of functioning in life, it’s radically changing my experience of the world for the better.

And I think that’s worth sharing.

So that is what this site is about.

A space that facilitates anyone who’s interested in making the whole process of conscious living easier.

I’ve created an intro class that I highly recommend checking out.

Whether you’re your own guru at this stage, or you’re totally new to this stuff – I think there’s something everyone can take away from it.

Because irrespective of where you are right now, this site is here to propel you towards having more ease and enjoyment in all areas of your life.

I’m a big fan of alleviating unnecessary suffering, and exploring ways to create greater life experiences.

And this website is a platform for doing just that, I hope it’s a contribution to you.

Here’s to lightening things up!

Sarah Xx