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I'm Jason Dawson

Ui/Ux & Print Designer

personal story

For over twelve years I've been consumed in learning about all things related to higher consciousness, the healing arts, human potential and the nature of reality.

I've always been philosophically inclined, but my deep interest was triggered by an urgency to understand healing, and then further propelled in dealing with major life traumas and bereavement. 

Now its been by no means all misery and gloom, I've had so many beautiful times too!  But just to give you some context, it was certainly the darkest moments that hurled me towards a deeper understanding of myself and life.

As a result of this, over the years I've become very practiced at connecting within and consciously engaging with the inner guidance, the gentle soothing presence that is ever available to every one of us.

On countless occasions it has brought me profound relief from suffering on every level - physical to emotional, bringing a deep sense of peace and ease.

It also offers me a reliable source of counsel without fail, whenever I listen that is! When I do take the wisdom and insight on board - things unfold with more grace 100% of the time.  

And so the intention of my work is facilitating others in experiencing how instantly self-connection can ease even our deepest pain and offer us practical guidance to meet life with more strength. 

These days I love nothing more than sharing what I've learned over the years, and drawing on my experiences to make the process as easy as possible for others.

training & experience

I always had a huge interest in health and wellbeing, my academic background was in Sports Science (BSc) and then Nutrition, Exercise & Public Health (MSc). After graduating I ran my own holistic fitness business for seven years.

I really enjoyed this work but felt an overwhelming pull to contribute to people on a deeper level, especially as my understanding of our bodies and the nature of reality was deepening.

I trained in several different holistic therapies including Spiritual Response Therapy, Reiki, Theta Healing and Access Consciousness and the more I witnessed the instant and profound changes that were possible, such as spontaneous healing among many other phenomenon that defied logic, I knew it was the level I wanted to be working on.

Six years ago I began facilitating personal sessions after certifying as a Spiritual Therapy Consultant and also qualifying to practice hands-on energy therapies - and the level of satisfaction I experienced in working on this level was unlike anything I'd experienced before.

It was after spending a summer volunteering in Thich Nhat Hanh's Buddhist Monastery, Plum Village, back in 2015 that I decided to take the leap and focus all my attention on working with people in this way full time.

Over the last eighteen months I've branched out and begun facilitating groups online, as well as workshops in person - the power of the group dynamic takes things to a whole other level and I love it.

the intention of my work

You can call what I offer many things - spiritual counselling, energy therapy, holistic facilitation, integration coaching, evolutionary mentor, really it's all the same thing, the focus of my work is evolving through expanded self-awareness.

My intention in every session is to intuitively guide the experience of deeper presence, clarified intention and access higher levels of awareness.

In this process a merging occurs as we integrate polarity within our hearts - our human and divine aspect, the earthly and the cosmic, the logical and the mystic, the feminine and masculine, the good and bad, the shadow and the light!

This facilitates the embodiment of true allowance for all things, and this gives rise to a state of grace and flow.

When we are caught in patterns of overthinking, endlessly spinning high stress levels, meeting intense or challenging life circumstances, at the effect of negative chemical influences, or simply having a lack of awareness/ faith/ belief - it can be almost impossible to deeply relax and experience expanded states of consciousness alone.

And so this is where this work is of great value - it serves as a powerful container and anchor to pull you into conscious connection with that deep space of stillness within, to reconnect with your own inner wisdom.

It can also greatly benefit people who are experienced and well practiced in meditation/ mindfulness/ energy therapies - assisting both a deeper dive within, as well as integrating these expanded states more and more in waking life.

ways to work with me

Presently I run regular workshops, group and individual sessions online, courses and events.  

If you browse around the website you'll find free classes and resources to get you started, and give you more of an understanding of what's involved.

Also join our facebook group to access free monthly sessions if you'd like to experience live facilitation.

my dream

It's my life dream to witness the rise of humanity above suffering, collectively, every last one of us to be relieved of the shackles of separation consciousness as we move towards functioning from a place of unity, and enjoying all the good stuff that comes with that! 

It's my personal commitment to contribute towards that vision in every possible way I can as often as I remember, both passively and actively - and to have a good time in the process :)

kind words

Client Testimonials


Sarah is one of the most unique facilitators out there. She brings a mix of lightness, truth and expansion that has changed my life! While working with her I always feel I'm in such good hands... And there are dramatic shifts afterwards. I often hear her words in my head between sessions, which always guide me back to my inner compass. I feel very lucky to have her as my coach.


Danika Geyer

Holistic Therapist


Sarah is a beautiful, powerful, magical light worker and I would THOROUGHLY recommend her to anyone who knows that the life that they dream of creating is available to them, and that the only thing that stops them from experiencing it is their own sense of separation from the Universe. She cuts through all the bullshit of limiting beliefs, having first of all shone a big torch on what they are and how they are affecting you. Magical!!!!!


Victoria Mark Clarke

Journalist & Media Coach


In this world we can get so smothered in the heavy stuff which clouds our authentic selves and our vision. Sarah is a pure beam of wisdom who carries a wonderful air of truth, fun and vulnerability. She makes the complicated simple and digestible. And everyone she facilitates is honoured with no judgement or impatience.
Each time I tune into her online sessions I get charged with the awareness of how truly powerful we are, and I've had some amazing life changing experiences. She is a true gift that I'm so grateful for


Marie Bradley

Nutrition Coach & Bodywork Therapist


I was skeptical because I'm totally new to this stuff, but I can't argue with the results - I just feel so much more positive and lighter since our session, things that bothered me before just don't. It's great, honestly, try it out - you won't regret it!


Jake Unsworth

Actor, Entrepreneur

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