The central intention of my work is make the process of becoming more conscious and self-aware as light, enjoyable and direct as possible.

The most healthy, loving, vibrant, creative people I know all function from deep presence and co-create their lives intentionally. Switched on. Awake.  Aware of their power to influence their experience.

And yet most of them have inadvertently gone through a baptism of fire to reach this point, if not several. It can be a harrowing process as we come to know ourselves more deeply – one with which I’m all too familiar. It’s such a paradox that the path to having so much more ease and freedom can be so uncomfortable and painful at times.

And so I’ve been consumed with finding and sharing easier ways to get straight to the heart of living a conscious life with less convoluted systems – bypassing unnecessary drama, trauma, fluff and nonsense. It’s a total rollercoaster as old ideas and beliefs about the world fall away, and past reference frames shift to make space for greater truths – but there’s no doubt it gets simpler and simpler, and so I care deeply about sharing what I’ve come to know.

Over the last twelve years I’ve studied mind-body medicine, energy healing modalities, spirituality, elements of philosophy and psychology in great depth. When I facilitate I bring the best of all I’ve learned to the table – merging the mystical and the rational, the ethereal and the practical – to make deeper self-connection as easy as possible to experience and integrate.

Higher consciousness holds the key to resolving every conceivable issue we face on both a personal and collective level – and so I most especially care about facilitating self-connection when it feels illusive or difficult to experience alone. And so I don’t consider myself a healer or therapist despite being trained in several healing modalities – rather I consider my role as simply being a support along the path of personal evolution.