So this morning I asked myself what I'd write that could be of value to you. Straight away it popped to sum up what I've learned about life over the...

So this morning I asked myself what I'd write that could be of value to you.

Straight away it popped to sum up what I've learned about life over the last 10 years - in just ten sentences, for the craic.

Really thought it was going to be the shortest article ever.

But no.

I seem incapable of keeping things tight when I write at the moment.

Anyway, here it is, purely off the top of my head...

1.Resting isn’t wrong, slowing down isn’t tragic.

I was hard wired for 'go,go,go', totally allergic to the notion of taking it easy.

Really, I’d some serious conditioning going on - a chronic sense of urgency fuelled me.

One of the first healers I ever worked with looked me straight in the eyes and said:

“Sarah, you know, you do so much for yourself by doing nothing”.

That was news to me, took a while to sink in and really get it, but certainly a weight lifted that day.

2. We are our own, unique, individual selves AND we are also EVERYTHING.

Yeah, this one was a biggie. 

Bit of a mind melter to be honest.

Realising (through experience) that I’m everything - shadow and light, good and bad, individual and whole, internal and external, finite and eternal.

It was kind of like giving polarity the middle finger, and, at the same time high fiving it.

The paradox of our existence, some craic!

A compete perspective shifter.

3. There are three things involved in consciously creating our reality.

Realising we play a part in creating our reality was one thing, figuring out how we actually manage it was a whole different ball game.

I meditated, did the goal setting and vision board thing, I journaled and went to every sort of intuitive development course imaginable to tap into my 'inner knowing' etc…

Played around with each one at different stages over the years.

Traded them off against each other for a while, trying to figure out which approach was on the ball.

Until finally the penny dropped that our real power is accessed when all three pull together - Presence, Intention and Awareness (Buddhists call it - Mindfulness, Concentration and Insight)

Individually each thing positively impacts our lives, combined though, well, it's off the charts powerful!

All three are required to create beyond what our linear thinking, logical mind tries to convince us is possible here.

4. When we are Present, Focused and Aware, we can change ANYTHING.

This is what the whole mind over matter thing is all about.

Having the ability to bend reality.

The more present, focused and aware we are  - the more power we have in our experience, moment to moment.

Life becomes increasingly less solid, everything is more fluid.

Receiving more information about ourselves and the world can be tough at times, there’s such a dark side to humanity that we can instinctively want to reject or sweep to the side.

Pretending it’s not there, OR resisting it, opposing it, fighting it, whatever - just solidifies it and makes it so much harder to change.

Being in allowance of it, clear about our preference, and then aware of what is required to create something greater - that is the quickest and easiest way to change whatever is happening.

5. Being present is not something we DO, its something we ARE.

Experiencing myself beyond my body for the first time was a sort of euphoric experience - a real heart opener.

I was blown away by the fact that something I felt internally could have such a radical influence over my external world.

Being present can be a tricky one to articulate - for me it’s being consciously aware of the part of me that is everything, while still functioning as an individual.

I feel a light, expansive sensation in my body when I’m present - everything is kind of softer.

Less real I suppose, in a weird way.

The more I experience that state, the more I can be in allowance of whatever’s going on, receiving the experience as it is.

Powerful stuff. Very liberating.

6. Clarity and focus accelerate conscious creation.

Might seem like an obvious one, but I’m not talking about it in the strategic sense.

This is where I started to really get the power of intention, and realised the importance of having clear preferences.

Becoming aware that beneath my goals, I was really chasing feelings - and I could just choose to focus on the feelings first.

I could feel them without an external reason to justify it.

Happy for no reason.

WHAT?! I know. Bold move.

Cool thing is that when we play it that way, and surrender to how things show up, it creates space for what we want to materialise faster than lightening.

Often in really surprising ways, and that brings a really enjoyable dimension to life.

It’s the ‘Oh my goodness, you’re not going to believe what happened’ thing.

It makes everything far more interesting!

7. Awareness trumps judgement.

Learning the difference between awareness and judgement created a massive shift in how I function in life.

It took me a while to get that awareness is information, but judgement is the ruling we place upon that information.

“That’s good” or “that’s bad”, “he’s right” or “he’s soooo wrong”, ‘she’s this” or “she’s that” etc..

Everywhere I function from judgement I create limitation.

It blindsides me from seeing the full picture, cuts me off from receiving more information.

It reduces the choices I have available, and railroads me back into old habitual patterns of reacting.

As I choose to let go of judgement, I have more options - it gives me more freedom.

Also, it makes receiving other people's judgement a whole lot easier.

8. We’ve no set purpose other than to be here and enjoy the process.

I was hung up for a long time on this notion of having to find my purpose.

What role was I designed to play? What job am I here to do? Who am I to serve?

I was crying out for some meaning, to give my existence some significance.

Then one day I became aware that I’m just here to be here. Fully.

That lightened up this ever lurking sense of obligation that was perculating beneath the surface for so long.

It made space for me to choose to do things purely for the joy of doing them.

9. Choice trumps necessity.

I had this phase of clearly seeing what motivated my choices.

'Need' ruled the show, "have to" and "should" weren't far behind and "must" was on their tail.

I was creating my whole reality based on a sense of obligation - maybe not all of it, but most of it.

Then I was introduced to this idea of making my choices based on the pure joy of it, out of curiosity, out of interest.

It's such a different place to come from, and radically shifts the entire experience of whatever it is we're doing.

It's that "it's about the journey, not the destination" - enjoy the process, sort of buzz.


10. Letting go of ideals makes us happier.

Several books and teachers I came across advised to loosen the reigns on the terms we set for happiness.

It took a while, but reluctantly I chose to swap the ever-illusive fantasy happy ending I'd conjured up, for a more content now instead.

I was worn out from the “I’ll be happy when…” or “I’ll feel good if this happens” craic.

This ties in with the previous point on clarity and focus.

Choose the feeling without any external justification - sure why not?

So there it is -a totally impromptu ten things I’ve learned over the last ten years.

Hope it’s a contribution to you.

Here’s to lightening things up,


Sarah Xx




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